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Portable Baby Electric Water Heator

Portable Baby Electric Water Heator

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✔ Portable & Wireless

✔ For milk in powder, breast milk or cow's milk

✔ Heat up to 6 bottles before refilling

✔ Recharges using the USB cable provided

✔ Adjustable temperature

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Secure payment
  • Free delivery
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Our portable water heater for MAMHEO bottles is the perfect ally for parents who like to move. Easy to use, small and portable, it can be taken anywhere for family trips.

How it works ?

Very easy!

1. Fill with water to make milk powder or with milk (breast or not).

2. Choose the temperature using the + and - button and let it heat up.

3. When the liquid is at the right temperature, pour it into the bottle, it is ready to be tasted!

  • During your walks, in the park, in nature. At restaurant or in shopping.

  • At the house, in the bedroom, for the night bottles.

  • Lord of visits to friends, grandparents, in the waiting room of the doctor.

  • On travel, on holidays, in the car or transportation in common.[_1]5_0

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"Je ne m'en sépare plus."

"This is the product I've been waiting for since the birth of my first.  It really is an unimaginable help.  It changes lives. I was a slave to the needs of my babies. I calculated my trips based on their bottle feeding schedules. Now I do what I want."

Lucie M.


Thanks to this portable bottle warmer, no more worries to make a bottle for your baby when you are not at home.  No more searching for hot water everywhere.  All you have to do is fill the bottle warmer with the right amount of water and in 1 click, your baby's bottle is ready and at the ideal temperature.

Finally the solution to a big concern.


No more planning, no more adapting, no more hoping that baby won't ask for a bottle at the wrong time.
Now, with this ally in your bag, you'll be ready to prepare a stress-free bottle, anywhere, anytime.

You're the boss!


Whether it's water, milk, mother's milk or any other liquid. Your bottle warmer is equipped with a thermostat which allows you to precisely choose the temperature from 37°C

No risk of burns. Just choose the right temperature. The temperature is indicated in real time. The heating time depends on the volume of liquid. Max 8 minutes for 300 ml.


  • Borosilicate glass container
  • BPA free
  • Anti-burn
  • High quality materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Wireless, compact, easily transportable
  • Rechargeable with USB cable (supplied)
  • Heat up to 6 bottles before refilling.


Notre chauffe-lait portable est bien plus qu'un simple appareil ! C'est une déclaration d'amour envers votre bébé, une garantie que chaque gorgée de lait maternisé est préparée avec soin et attention.

Libérez-vous des tracas liés à la préparation du lait en déplacement et profitez pleinement de chaque moment. Offrez à votre tout-petit le meilleur, offrez-lui notre chauffe-eau électrique portable pour bébé !

Indispensable and full of benefits

Your frequently asked questions and instructions for use

Do I need to change bottles?

Non. You can keep your bottles, because the device heats the liquid. Once at temperature, all you have to do is pour it into your bottle and baby just has to taste it.

Can I heat breast milk?

Yes. Our bottle warmer heats all liquids. The borosilicate glass container allows easy cleaning for perfect hygiene.

How to make a baby bottle with powdered milk?

As recommended by powdered milk manufacturers, it is best to heat the water before mixing. The mixture will be made directly in the bottle.

What temperature does it heat up to?

The maximum heating temperature is 55°C, which avoids the risk of burns.

GOOD TO KNOW: For babies up to 3-4 months, some pediatricians and milk powder manufacturers will recommend using water that has been previously heated to 70°C to eliminate any germs.

This is particularly recommended for premature babies or if you are unsure of the water quality in your area. If this is your case here are 2 solutions:

1. Take water with you in a clean bottle that has been heated to 70°C. You can use this water for 24 hours

2. Use bottled water suitable for newborns. Again, it can be used up to 24 hours after opening.

To reassure you, consult this site to find out about good practices in preparing baby bottles → LINK

What is the heating time?

The heating time differs depending on the volume to be heated.  3-4min for a 210ml bottle. Max: ∼8min for 300ml.

How to clean and sterilize it?

The borosilicate glass container unscrews and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Use a damp cloth to clean the base.
For sterilization, simply fill it with boiling water for about 10 min.

How to recharge it?

Recharging is done using the supplied USB cable, once charged the bottle warmer has an autonomy of about 6 bottles of 300ml.

NB: The energy required to heat water is greater than that required to light an LED bulb. The charger must produce at least 5V and 2A (10W). A smartphone charger is sufficient.

99.9% of people make at least 1 old phone charger at home. For the sake of ecology, we think it is unnecessary to provide a new one. The charger is therefore not included.


We recommend cleaning and sterilizing the bottle warmer before first use.

1. Charge the device to 100% (Use a charger producing at least 5V and 2A (10W). For example. the charger of a smartphone.)

2. By pressing the ON/OFF button 1x, the % charge is displayed.

3. By pressing the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds, the device turns on.

4. Choose the final temperature and wait a few seconds, the current temperature is displayed.

5. The temperature is starting to rise. It will stop at the chosen temperature and will be maintained until the device is turned off or until the battery runs out.

6. To turn off the device, press the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds.

Diagnosis and troubleshooting

A problem with your bottle warmer?
Do not worry, most often it is easy to solve it.

Problem: The battery does not fully charge?
Solution : It's probably the USB charger you're using that's not powerful enough. The charger must produce at least 5V and 2A(10W), a smartphone charger is sufficient. (See section "How to recharge it".

Please use only the cable provided.

Problem: Can't use the bottle warmer?
Solution : Follow the instructions in the "instructions for use" section.

Problem: The bottle warmer is not waterproof.
Solution : We recommend filling the bottle warmer only when you need it. If liquid escapes, check that the glass container and cap are properly screwed. Also check that the two gaskets placed above and below the glass container are properly positioned.

In case of a more serious problem, please contact us through our Contact module.

Lifetime warranty

Mamheo bottle warmers are very robust and of excellent quality, for this reason we offer a lifetime warranty, as manufacturing problems are very rare.

What to do in case of a problem

First, carefully read the "Diagnosis and Troubleshooting" section of our FAQ section.

If the problem remains, contact our customer service through our contact module.

If none of our advice resolves the situation, you can request to initiate a guarantee procedure.

We will give you the address where to send the product and one of our experts will assess the situation.

Two cases are possible:

1. The expert defines that it is indeed a manufacturing problem. In this case, you will receive a new product with reimbursement of transport costs. To apologize for the inconvenience, we will send you the best version available even if your version is a lower version.

2. The expert defines that there is no defect and he succeeds in using the product or he defines that the problem comes from an inappropriate use of the product (e.g. the product suffered a violent shock, the base was immersed in water). In this case, the product will be returned to you at your expense.
It is therefore important to make a pre-diagnosis on your side, with the help of our support, before requesting an expertise.

In our experience, 99.5% of the problems encountered are solved by the user.


    The Mamheo bottle warmer is guaranteed for life.


    We use SSL encryption technology to protect your bank details.


    Delivery offered anywhere in the world. You can track your order directly from our site.

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    Our great team is at your service and will be happy to help you 7/24
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